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Brooks 10 year wireless smoke alarm

Brand: Brooks

Warranty: 5 years

Original price was: $229.00.Current price is: $214.00.



Model No: EIB650iRF

The EIB650iRF photoelectric smoke alarm is fitted with a proprietary photoelectric sensor to quickly sense low energy smoke particles. The EIB650iRF is a EIB650iW fitted with a EIB600MRF module.
The EIB650i range features a high performance photoelectric chamber protected by a sealed mesh screen to reduce insect and dust contamination and EMC protection to reduce false alarms. In addition the EIB650iRF has an automatic dust compensation feature reducing further the risk of false alarms caused by dust build up.

Brooks 10 year wireless smoke alarm $229.00 Original price was: $229.00.$214.00Current price is: $214.00.


  • High performance Photoelectric sensor
  • Automatic dust and insect compensation
  • AudioLINK data download
  • Wireless interconnect
  • Easy install twist-on base
  • Large easy to use test/hush button
  • Built in sounder – 85dB(A) at 3 metres
  • Conforms to AS3786:2014 and AS/NZS4268:2012 + A1:2013
  • 5 Year guarantee

Additional information


Sensor: Photoelectric
Supply Voltage: 3V lithium battery (non replacement)
Interconect: Wireless (up to 12 interconnected devices)
Frequency: 926MHz band (1% duty cycle)
RF Power: +10dBm
RF protocol: Proprietary RadioLINK+ using multi-path, multi-repeater mesh architecture
RF Range: >100 metres in free air
Sound level: 85 dB(A) at 3 metres
Button Test: Checks sensor, electronics, battery and horn
Silence Function: Silences alarm for 10 minutes, Silences fault beeps for 12 hours
Data download: Via the AudioLINK app
Indicator LEDs: Red LED: power up, alarm, hush & memory, Yellow LED: on power up and fault,Blue LED: RF transmission
Temperature: -10°C to 40°C
Humidity: 15% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Warranty: 5 year (limited) warranty
Approvals: Photoelectric (EIB650iW): AS3786:2014 + A1:2015
Module: AS/NZS4268:2012