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PSA 10 year wireless smoke alarm

Brand: PSA

Warranty: 10 years

Original price was: $125.00.Current price is: $118.00.



Model No: LIF6000DCW

10 year lithium battery powered photoelectric smoke alarm with an in-built wireless RF interlink. ActivFire certified and approved to AS3786:2014, AS4268:2017.

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PSA 10 year wireless smoke alarm $125.00 Original price was: $125.00.$118.00Current price is: $118.00.


  • Wireless, surface mount smoke alarm
  • Powered by 10 year lithium battery (non-replaceable)
  • Photoelectric sensing technology
  • Compatible with LIF6000THL smoke alarm controller, and 6000 series alarms fitted with LIF6000WB wireless base
  • Easy power on / power off baseplate
  • Wirelessly interconnect up to 24 units
  • Bug screen sensor chamber protection (0.8mm diameter)
  • Electronics coating to prevent build up of heat and condensation caused by humidity and high temperatures
  • Sensor interference filter technology to reduce false alarms
  • Anti-static chamber to repel dust and reduce false alarms
  • Single button test and hush feature
  • Low battery hush feature
  • Fully supervised, secured and monitored wireless RF network
  • 10 year warranty
  • ActivFire certified, Approved to AS3786:2014, AS4268:2017

Additional information


Sensor: Photoelectric
Power Supply: Panasonic/FDK 10year 3VDC CR17335 fixed battery (non-replaceable)
RF Power: Panasonic/FDK 10year 3VDC CR17455 fixed battery (non-replaceable)
Interconnecting: Interconnectable up to 24 units
Alarm volume: 85dBA at 3 metres
Alarm Signal Pattern: ISO 8201 (T3-repeat 3 long beeps)
Temperature Range: 0˚C-45˚C
Humidity Range: Up to 95% non condensing
RF Frequency: 918MHz
RF Range: 100m line of sight 30m indoors
Low Battery Hush: Silences low battery beeping for 8 hours
Alarm Duration: Alarm will sound for as long as smoke is detected, then unit will automatically reset when smoke clears
Alarm indication: Red LED flashes every second when interconnected, only the red LED of initiating unit will flash
Chamber monitoring: Red LED flashes 10 times and chirps every 30 seconds. Indicates maintenance is required
INdicator LEDS:
Red LED – Alarm status indicator, differentiated by frequency of flashes
Dimensions: 121mm (diameter) x 46mm (depth)
Approvals: ActivFire, SAI Global, RCM, AS3786:2014, AS4268:2017
Warranty: 10 years