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Clipsal 10 year wireless smoke alarm

Brand: Clipsal

Warranty: 5 years

Original price was: $132.00.Current price is: $130.00.



Model No: 755LPSMA4

Photoelectric smoke alarm helps in early detection of smouldering fires. Powered by a 10-year sealed-in lithium battery means no more replacing backup batteries annually. It can be interconnected with 755RFB2 to create a complete system with 240V alarms. New stylish low profile design blends into any decor.

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Clipsal 10 year wireless smoke alarm $132.00 Original price was: $132.00.$130.00Current price is: $130.00.


  • Photoelectric detection technology for early detection and warning from hazardous smoke and fire
  • Includes surface-mount, low-profile and flush-mounted options
  • Optional mounting bases for wireless interconnect or control of third party devices, with remote test/hush input option

Additional information


Power supply: Battery
Battery: Lithium
Battery life: 10 year(s)
Maximum rated operational current: 70 mA
Control type Button: (test/hush function)
Maximum number of device interconnected: 40 for wireless alarm
RF range: 50 m indoor use line of sight, 140 m in free field
Wireless response time: < 30 s
Transmission frequency: 433420 kHz
Horn level: 85 dB at 3 m, minimum
Time delay range: 10 min (hush), 10 h (do not disturb)
Local signalling: Visual: 1 LED (red) for low battery indication, Visual: 1 LED (red, green and blue) for wireless function status
Sound: signal
Sound: alarm
Diameter: 130 mm
Depth: 37.5 mm
Ambient air temperature for operation: 0…45 °C
Relative humidity: 5…95 %
Product certifications: RCM, SAI, Activfire
Standards ISO 820, AS 3786:2014