How do you decide which is the best brand of smoke alarm to buy?

Your decision on which brand to buy should definitely not be decided just on price. You need a reliable, functional smoke alarm that doesn’t false alarm, doesn’t stop working, and doesn’t cause problems. Some brands of smoke alarms you simply should not buy, and we will not sell poor quality alarms that do not perform.

Feedback from customers who have used the smoke alarms is the best way to help you decide the best brand to buy. We extensively research our customers and ask them to review the alarms they have used. This feedback is the most reliable source of determining quality alarms


Amongst our customers, these brands have proven to be not just the most popular brands of smoke alarms, but also the most reliable and highest rated smoke alarms and we have confidence in recommending these alarms to you.


Based on customer feedback and reviews, we will not sell these brands. Our customers do not rate these brands highly enough for us to confidently recommend them and we will not sell these brands. If you would like feedback on why these brands are not recommended, please contact us.