Brooks wireless manual call point

Brand: Brooks

Warranty: 5 years




Model No: EIB407RF

The EIB407RF Manual Call Point is an emergency device that when activated will cause all Brooks alarms in the system to sound, alerting occupants of danger.
The EIB407RF Manual Call Point is powered by a non-removable 10-year lithium battery designed to last the life of the product. The battery power is monitored and an end of life signal is provided when the batteries are depleted. The EIB407RF Manual Call Point uses advanced radio transceiver technology with unique software coding to transmit the radio signals.

Brooks wireless manual call point $146.00 $136.00


  • RF wireless interconnect
  • Unique house coding feature
  • Visual RF transmission indicator
  • Advanced suppression and calibration technology
  • Non-removable 10-year lithium battery
  • Low power battery warning
  • 5 year guarantee

Additional information


Primary Supply: 3V 10-year Lithium battery
Power ON Indicator: Flashing Green LED
Low Battery Indicator: Flashing Amber LED
RF Range: 100 metre (min) free air(obstructions will result in a reduction on range from the free space specification.The actual range will vary considerably depending on installation)
RF Transmission: Red LED flashes on transmission of an RF signal
RF Frequency: 926.365 MHz (1% duty cycle)
RF Power: +5dBm
Interconnect: Up to 12 RadioLINK devices
Relay Contacts: 250 volt AC – 5A Resistive
Temperature Range: 0°C to 40°C
Humidity Range: 15% to 95% Relative Humidity
Warranty: 5 year (limited) warranty
Approvals: RF performance to AS/NZS 4268
Manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards