Brooks remote heat detector with RadioLINK

Brand: Brooks

Warranty: 5 years




Model No: EIB408RFH

The EIB408RFH is a battery powered RadioLINK™ module that accepts an input from roof space heat switches or the test switch.
The EIB408RFH can be used as a standalone RadioLINK™ 60oC fixed temperature heat detector or as an interface to the roof space heat sensors HS80V2.
The EIB408RFH can be connected to any number of HS80V2 fitted in a roof space as long as the cable length is less than 20m. If any of the heat sensors activates, the input of EIB408RFH will activate and transmit a RadioLINK™ alarm signal.
On receiving a hard-wired signal from HS80V2 or the integrated 60°C heat sensor, the unit will transmit a RadioLINK™ alarm signal to trigger all other RadioLINK™ alarms/bases in the system.

Brooks remote heat detector with RadioLINK $198.00 $190.00


  • Designed for use with Brooks RadioLINK™ enabled alarms, bases & accessories
  • Low battery power warning
  • Visual RF transmission and power indicator
  • Accepts hard-wired switched input from roof space heat sensors
  • Integrated Test Switch

Additional information


Power Supply: 10-year Lithium battery (non-removable)
Interconnect: Up to 12 RadioLINK units
Input: Volt-free switched inputs
RF Frequency: 926MHz band (1% duty cycle)
RF Power: +5dBm
Power Indicator: Green indicator flash every 40 seconds
Low Battery Indicator: Amber indicator flash every 10 seconds
Temperature Range: 60°C
Humidity Range: 0% to 95% R.H.
Warranty: 5 year (limited) warranty
Approvals: AS/NZS4268
Manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards