Clipsal 240v smoke alarm flush mount

Brand: Clipsal

Warranty: 5 years




Model No: 755PFM4

755PFM4 is a photoelectric flush mount smoke alarm that can be used as a single mains powered battery backed alarm or can be interconnected with other 755 series smoke alarms. The stylish design is extremely low profile and unobtrusive. It caters for fast installs with 90mm cut out & extra large terminals.

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Clipsal 240v smoke alarm flush mount $89.00 $79.00


  • Photoelectric detection technology for early detection and warning from hazardous smoke and fire
  • Includes surface-mount, low-profile and flush-mounted options
  • Optional mounting bases for wireless interconnect or control of third party devices, with remote test/hush input option

Additional information


Electronic sensor type: Photo-electric sensor
Supply: Mains
[US] rated supply voltage 220…240 V AC 50 Hz
Backup type: Battery
Battery type: Alkaline 9 V 6LR61
Battery life: 1 year(s)
[In] rated current 13 ΜA: 9 V DC not in operation
40 mA: 9 V DC operation
Output voltage limits Interconnection: 6.5…20 V
Type of alarms: Low battery at 6.9…7.5 V
Function available: Local alarm, Hush function, Self-test of smoke detection
Technology type: Scattered light (Tyndall effect)
Type of measurement: Optic
Maximum number of device interconnected: 40 for wired alarm wired over <= 150 m
Horn level: 85 dB at 3 m, minimum
Local signalling: Sound-signal
Visual-LED (red) for warning and low battery,Visual-LED (green) for ON status
Ambient air temperature for operation: 0…45 °C
Relative humidity: 5…95 %
Product certifications: RCM, SAI, Activfire
Standards: ISO 8201,AS 3786:2014, AS/NZS 60950.1, AS/NZS 60065