PSA Isolation Relay for smoke, heat & CO alarms

Brand: PSA

Warranty: 1 year





Isolation relay (Gen 2) for Lifesaver smoke, heat and CO alarms for connection to auxiliary devices such as sirens, sounders, emergency lights, security and fire panels.

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PSA Isolation Relay for smoke, heat & CO alarms $84.00 $77.00


  • Operates in absence of mains voltage and only when alarm device is in alarm state
  • Selectable relay options latching, pulse and CO latching mode
  • 240V AC / 30V DC 5Amp contact rating
  • Normally Open and Normally Close contact options
  • When CO latching mode is selected, only CO alarm activation will trigger the isolation relay

Additional information


Operating Coil Voltage: 5V – 10V DC
Secondary Contacts: Normally Open, Normally Closed(change-over contacts)
Contact options: Pulse, Latching,CO Latching
Secondary Contact Rating:
240V AC 50Hz @ 5 Amps
30V DC @ 5 Amps
Contact Switching
Time Delay: 4 seconds once activated
Maximum No. of interconnected smoke alarms to a single LIFSAIR unit: 24
Maximum number of LIFSAIR relay connected to one smoke alarm: 3
Operating Temperature: 0°C – 50°C
Dimensions: 89mm Deep x 68mm Wide x 45mm High