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Red Carbon Monoxide Alarm 240v

Brand: Red

Warranty: 10 years

Original price was: $58.04.Current price is: $49.74.



Model No: GTC-2968X

Carbon Monoxide Photoelectric smoke alarm. Surface mount powered by 230v mains with 10 year battery backup

Red Carbon Monoxide Alarm 240v $58.04 Original price was: $58.04.$49.74Current price is: $49.74.

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  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • Photoelectric
  • Surface mount
  • 230v Mains
  • 10 Year Battery Backup

Additional information


Detection Method: Carbon Monoxide (Photoelectric)
Power Requirement: 230V Mains
Power Backup: 10 Year Rechargable Lithium Battery
Alarm Sound: 85dB at 3m minimum
Power Activation Signal: Green Light
Fault Warning: Yellow light flash 2 times
End of Life Signal: Yellow light flash 3 times
CO gas Warning Signal: Red Light
Hush function: Button for test/hush function
Alarm Duration: 10 min for hush
Temperature: 0-50C
Humidity: 5-95%
Size: 115mm x 45mm
Warranty: N/A
Compliance: BS EN50291-1:2018