Brooks Alarm Test/Locate/Silence Switch

Brand: Brooks

Warranty: 5 years





Two models for Alarm Controllers are available:
1. BAATLS: To test, locate and silence actve 230Vac smoke/heat alarms
2. BAAISO: To only isolate active 230-volt smoke/heat alarms

Brooks Alarm Test/Locate/Silence Switch $158.00 $151.00


  • The BAATLS controller has 3 functions:
    1. Remote testing of all interconnected alarms using the TEST button.
    2. Identifies the originating alarm fire signal using the LOCATE button.
    3. Silence all alarms using the SILENCE button.
  • The Brooks Alarm Isolator BAAISO provides a means of silencing nuisance alarms. When activated, the Alarm Isolator removes for a period of approximately 5 minutes, both primary and secondary power to the Smoke/Heat Alarms, disabling all connected Alarms. During this 5 minute period, the occupant can remove the source of the nuisance alarm, the Smoke/Heat Alarm will reset once the source of the alarm clears. The Alarm Isolator automatically resets after the 5 minute period.
  • NOTE: The Alarm Isolator switch can be pressed only when a Smoke/Heat Alarm becomes active (sounding).
  • Smoke Alarms are designed to detect smoke partcles in the air. However, other airborne partcles, i.e. steam, cooking fumes, dust, etc. can also cause smoke alarms to generate false alarms. With interconnected smoke/heat alarms, when one alarm senses smoke/heat/CO, all alarms will sound. With these Brooks alarm controllers, they can provide the occupant with easier inspection, service and identification of where these false alarms have initiated.

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